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  1. 2 Turkey Breasts; **

  2. 1/4c Flour Unbleached,All Purpose

  3. 1/2ts Black Peppercorns; Cracked

  4. 1/4ts Salt

  5. 1/4c Margarine Or Butter

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  1. + Directions : * See Sowest 2 for recipe. ** Turkey breasts should be boneless, skinless, (about 1 lb each) cut ~-- Prepare Jalapeno Cream Sauce and set aside. Flatten each turkey breast slice to 1/4 inch thickness between to sheets of waxed paper or plastic wrap. Mix flour, salt, and pepper. Coat turkey with the flour mixture. Heat margarine in 10-inch skillet until melted. Cook turkey in margarine, turning once, until done, about 8 minutes. Serve with Jalapeno Cream Sauce.


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