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  1. Tempeh Reuben

  2. tempeh

  3. vegan russian dressing

  4. rye bread

  5. swiss (soy) cheese

  6. sauerkraut

  7. Slice the tempeh into thin slices and saute it in a little oil

  8. until it's nicely browned. Just before it's done cooking, turn off

  9. the heat, add a little bit of soy sauce, mix it around, and finally

  10. lay some slices of the (soy) cheese on top of the tempeh so that

  11. it starts to melt.

  12. Then, you just prepare the reuben as if it were meaty: Spread the

  13. faux-russian dressing on both slices of bread, pile on the tempeh

  14. and (soy) cheese, then put as much sauerkraut as you can handle on

  15. top, and smoosh it all down with the other slice of bread.


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