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  1. Sildarsalat - Icelandic Herring salad

  2. 1 apple (Red Delicious or other sweet variety)

  3. 5-6 slices pickled red beet

  4. 2-3 fillets marinated or spice pickled herring

  5. 1/2 - 2/3 cup mayonnaise

  6. Take about half a cup of mayonnaise and stir well to prevent it

  7. from lumping. Cut the herring into small slices and the apple and beet into small cubes. Add to the mayonnaise and mix well. The

  8. salad should be a rose-pink colour - if not, add some of the juice

  9. from the beets.

  10. Serve with rye bread or crackers. Top with slices of hard boiled

  11. egg .

  12. Replace half the mayonnaise with sour cream for a healthier salad.


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