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  1. 1 can drained fruit cocktail

  2. 1 pint whipping cream -unwhipped

  3. 1 teas. vanilla

  4. 4-5 Tabs. sugar Other fresh fruit (strawberries bananas, fresh cut pineapple apple s, raspberries, grapes, fresh peach es, etc.) Shelled sweet pit pomegranate s. (Light pink sweet fruit ) -

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  1. -Have Fruit cut and chilled before combining. -Whip the whipping cream (with the added vanilla) with a hand electric beater to medium peak stage, then sprinkle the Tabs of sugar over the whip cream and fold into the cream. -If the cream is not stiff enough you may whip a bit more, be careful not to whip too much after the sugar is added, it tends to go sticky. -Fold the cream into the fruit mixture. Garnish in a serving bowl, and serve. Decorate top with raspberries, blueberries, or cherries (pitted)


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