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  1. 1 Cup Butter

  2. 1 Cup Sugar

  3. 1 Cup Milk Chocolate Chips, melted

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  1. Prepare a small 10 x 13 cookie sheet by spraying with Pam and sprinkling Almonds evenly on bottom. Set on a cooling rack and set aside. Combine Butter, Sugar, Water & Salt in a large saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat. **STIR CONSTANTLY ALL IN ONE DIRECTION**(this keeps the butter from separating). Candy will start out yellow, then turn a whitish color, then tan. Continue cooking until candy starts smoking and turns a nice caramel color. Pour out quickly and as evenly as possible on prepared cookie sheet. Carefully spread the candy to cover entire cookie sheet. Cool candy at room temperature. When candy is comfortable to touch with your inner wrist (warm, not hot), spread top with melted Chocolate. Continue cooling at room temperature until chocolate is set. Break into bite-sized pieces.


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