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  1. Sweet Potato(15)Med.Large Butter(2)Stick(Land-O-Lake unsalted) Sugar(2&1/2cups)granduladed Eggs(6) Canmilk(1&1/2cans)Evaporated Flavor(Butter,Nut,Vanilla all in one bottle you can only find at Kroger Store)use (6)caps Full Flavor(Lemon)3Tsp. Cinnamon(ground)3Tablespoons Nutmeg(ground)2Tsp. Alspice(ground)1Tsp. Pumpkin(puree)2(16oz.can) Burbon(3Tablespoons) (PIE CRUST)already made From the store(4packs) The brand is call:(Pet-Ritz Deep Dish)by Pillsbury

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  1. Step(1)Very important never boil your potatoe because boiling you loss all the vitamins. Step(2)Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Step(3)take some Foil and line the bottom of the pan.And set to the side. Step(4)Wash the Potatoes,pull off any string lay them in prepared pan and the take some Crisco Shorting (NOT OIL),and then rub each potato all over and the lay in prepared pan.Put in the preheated oven. Step(5)Bake for 2&1/2hours,and open oven and flip potatoes over and bake another 2&1/2hours.Now the way you can tell if your potatoes are ready is take a butter knife and stick in each one,if it comes out easy then the potatoes are done. Step(6)Take a large bowl big enought to hold the potatoes that you will be mixing your potato mixture in,and put the(2sticks)in it.Now take the hot potatoes and remove the skin and lay all the hot potatoes on to of the butter,the heat will melt the butter. (MIXING) (VERY-IMPORTANT) Step(1)Take a saucer and butter kife and set to the side. Step(2)Take all the ingredients and add to the potatoes(BUT DONOT ADD ALL THE SUGAR,MILK,ALL AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE THE BATTER MAY BE TO SWEET OR TO THIN SO GO BY YOUR TASTE BUDS AND LOOKING AT THE THINEST THE WAY YOU LIKE IT TO BE. Step(3)Beat the batter on Medium-High Speed after about 10min.Stop the mixer,and take the butter knift and push off all the strings from around the better,and keep (repeating)this until you see know strings>(THIS IS THE WAY YOUR PIES WILL NOT HAVE ANY STRINGS IN THEM WHEN YOU EAT THEM AND SERVE TO YOUR GUEST. Step(4)Turn oven down to 400 degrees.Now as you are mixing the batter (ALWAYS TASTE) if you need more sugar add more if your batter looks like it needs more milk you can add more.Always remember all the ingerdiends you can add more if you like but always start out by adding a little at a time. Step(5)This Recipe makes 6-8 Pies it will take about 1&1/2 hours to bake,but if it looks like the Pies are not brown the way you like it they can stay in the oven until it brown the way you like it (BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONOT LET YOU CRUST GET TO BROWN). (kitchen-Tip) As you are mixing this recipe always remember let you taste buds be your guide.And you will have a Good and taste Pie every time.


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