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  1. small, new paintbrush

  2. 200g milk chocolate, melted

  3. plastic Easter egg moulds (see tip)

  4. 35g tube mini sweets

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  1. Using the paintbrush, paint a thin layer of chocolate inside moulds (see below). Chill for 5 minutes until chocolate sets.

  2. Paint a second layer of chocolate over first layer. Reserve remaining chocolate. Chill for 5 minutes until chocolate sets.

  3. Gently remove chocolate from moulds. Fill half the moulds with ½ teaspoon sweets.

  4. Paint a little remaining chocolate around rim of eggs to join halves. Chill until set.

  5. Top tips We've used small egg moulds, but use larger ones if preferred. You will need to work very quickly when handling the eggs, otherwise they may melt. It's important to tap moulds on bench after filling to remove any air bubbles.

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