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  1. 5 cups 1185ml Or 3 large beets (small)

  2. 1 cup 62g / 2 1/5oz White or yellow onion (large)

  3. 1 1/4 cups 296ml White vinegar - (10 oz)

  4. 3/4 cup 177ml Canola (vegetable) oil Salt - to taste Freshly-ground black pepper - to taste

  5. 1 Clean quart-size glass jar

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  1. Recipe Instructions Cook the beets and slip them out of their skins. Slice into 1/4-inch rounds and set aside. Peel and slice onion into 1/4-inch rounds. Layer beets and onion in jar, alternating beet/onion/beet/onion, sprinkling salt and pepper between layers. When layers have reached top of jar, pour oil and vinegar over. Cap tightly and store in refrigerator -- they will keep for months. This recipe yields ??


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