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  1. 0.42 pt cream

  2. 0.7 lb finely ground sugar or powder sugar

  3. 5 tablespoons condensed milk

  4. 1 pinch salt vanilla pod a handful of almonds

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  1. Recipe for Vanilla Cream Fudge Cut a vanilla pod in half, put it into cream and bring to boil. Let it stand for 30 minutes then filter. Pour the cream into a deep frying pan, add sugar , salt, condensed milk . Boil the fudge on low heat, stirring it constantly with a wooden spatula, for about 40 minutes. You’ll have to prevent sugar from crystallizing along the edges by scraping them off with a spatula. To make sure the fudge is ready let it drip into a glass of water. If the fudge is ready the drop will form a hard non-sticky lump. Sprinkle the warm fudge with a handful of nuts and place in a pre-oiled flat shallow dish.


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