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  1. This magic elixer has inspired many great fantasies, business plans and even moved us to buy our first home, which happens to be in Mazatlan, Mexico. It was handed down to us by Dave and Vicki Adams who claim to have perfected it after years of intense research. Unfortunately, they were searching for a cure for baldness.

  2. 1 cup tequila, Cuervo Gold

  3. 1 cup limeade frozen concentrate

  4. 1 cup beer

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  1. Fill your blender nearly to the top with ice cubes, add the tequila and frozen limeade straight from the can and blend until smooth. Pour the beer into a decanter and add the frozen mix to it. Stir. Pour into salted glasses and enjoy !!!

  2. NOTE: Do not put the beer into the blender! What a foamy mess you'll make. I know!


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