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  • 2minutes
  • 67calories

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NutrientsCarbohydrates, Cellulose

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  1. .1 3/4 cups (425ml) of water

  2. .1 cup (190gr) organic sugar

  3. .1 tbsp. (15ml) lemon juice

  4. .1 cup (225gr) freshest Ginger root

  5. .1/4 cup (60gr) organic sugar (for coating)

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  1. PEEL the Ginger Root and thinly slice the non-fibrous parts.

  2. . COOK the Ginger slices very slowly: In a small-medium pot...bring the water, sugar and lemon juice to a boil until the sugar is dissolved. Give it a quick stir. Add the ginger and return to a boil before lowering the heat to a simmer setting (between Low and Medium). KEEP COVERED WITHOUT WORRY OF OVER-BOILING! This process will take 90 minutes. Afterwards, take off the lid and continue cooking for another 15 minutes. (When thoroughly cooked, it will be tender and almost translucent.) . At this point, take pot off the burner and cool for about 30 minutes.

  3. . STRAIN ginger from the syrup: With a small mesh strainer over a jar...pour out the syrup. Place and spread the remaining ginger on a metal mesh screen with a bottom plate to catch minimal drips but mostly for aeration.

  4. . AIR-DRY the ginger for about 20-24 hours. Most of the tackiness needs to be gone before you proceed with the sugar coating.

  5. . COAT Ginger pieces the next day: Toss the ginger in a small pan filled with sugar...or easier yet, toss ALL the ginger and shake it a few times in a plastic bag. All pieces should be coated lightly with sugar. The candied Ginger is now ready to be stored in an airtight glass jar. Refrigerate.

  6. .>> Note: Save the ginger-flavored syrup (for up to a month) in an airtight jar. Use in your tea, yogurt, on ice cream, or to make an amazing tasting ginger ale. To make GINGER ALE: for every 8oz (250ml) of seltzer water...add 3 tbsp. (45ml) of syrup...and an optional squeeze of lemon.

  7. .'s all done. Flavourful


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