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  1. 300 gram flour -- wheat

  2. 350 gram flour -- rye

  3. 700 gram leaven

  4. 20 grams salt

  5. 20 grams yeast -- fresh

  6. 300 milliliter water --

  7. 10 grams herbs of provence

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  1. Preparation : Place the flour in a pot, mix well with herbs, add salt and yeast at different ends of the pot, add water while stirring, add leaven. Knead well during 5 min. Cover and let rest for 30 min. Knead well and form as you like. Cover and let rest 60 minutes until it doubled its volume. Bake in preheated oven at 225C for 70 min. You can use single herbs (e.g. thyme) instead of herbs of Provence. If you divide the paste in two parts the baking time would be 50 min.


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