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  1. 2 lbs. calf's liver , uncooked, ground

  2. 2 lbs. sausage meat, well seasoned, uncooked plenty of salt and pepper Grease well a

  3. 9" x

  4. 5" loaf pan. Line it with Bacon , uncooked. Have slices touching each other but not overlapping. Fill mold with half the meat mixture. Cut lengthwise

  5. 2 hard boiled egg s Arrange down center of mold. Place on top in latticework design julienned slices of

  6. 6 oz. liverwurst

  7. 6 oz. cooked ham

  8. 6 oz. cooked tongue

  9. 6 whole chicken livers, uncooked

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  1. Cover with rest of meat mixture and fold over ends of the bacon slices. Cover the whole with waxed paper. Put the mold in a pan of water and bake for 1½ hours in a 350°F. oven. Remove from oven and water; weight pâté with heavy object. Cool and refrigerate. To serve, unmold on a bed of greens, cut in thin slices and serve with party rye.


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