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  1. 12 sugar ice cream cones, chocolate flavor 12 5-inch chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

  2. 1 cup icing Purple food coloring

  3. 1 pound M & M's What's Next: Prepare icing and tint purple. Fill pastry bag with decorating tip. Pour

  4. 1 tablespoon of M & M's into each cone. Pipe icing around edge. Top with cookie. Flip upside down to rest on cookie. Pipe more icing and decorate with candies.  That's it!!! Eat well & Treat often! Tweet

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  1. OK, you have errands to run, costumes to buy, candy to hand out & you have to make a last minute Halloween treat. Well, I have just the thing for you. It’s cute, it’s tasty & it’s very, very fast. This Cookie Witch Hat recipe


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