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  1. Anise SeedWhole and Ground Color-brown with tan stripes Flavor-delightful sweet licorice aroma and tasteCoffee cake, sweet breads, rolls, cookies; fruit compote, stewed apples, preserved fruits, all fruit pie fillings; licorice candies, sweet pickles; beef and veal stew; cottage cheese.

  2. Basil HerbAvailable as dried crushed leaves and stems. Color-light green Flavor-pleasant, mild, sweet, distinctiveAll tomato dishes, peas, squash, string beans, potatoes, spinach; French and Russian dressing or sprinkle over salads; bean soup, pea soup, beef soup, Manhattan clam chowder; broiled lamb chops, venison, beef, lamb and veal stews, veal roasts; shrimp, shrimp creole, boiled and steamed lobster; spaghetti sauce; scrambled eggs; souffles.

  3. Bay Leaves HerbAvailable as dried whole leaves. Color-light green Flavor-very mild, sweet, distinctivePickled beets, beets, boiled carrots, boiled artichokes, boiled potatoes vegetable soup, fish chowders; lamb, beef, veal, venison, poultry, fish stews; boiled or steamed shrimp and lobster; chicken casserole, boiled chicken; pickled meats; brine for smoked meats; pot roast; boiled pork; meat gravies; marinades.

  4. Cinnamon SpiceWhole Color-light brown Flavor-distinctive, sweet, spicyGround Color-light brown Flavor-similar to above, sweeter and slightly strongerBuns, coffee cake, muffins, spice cake, molasses cookies, butter cookies, cinnamon toast; custards, tapioca, chocolate pudding, rice pudding; fruit pies, broiled grapefruit, apples in any form, stewed fruits, pickled fruits; heated spiced beverages, hot cocoa and chocolate drinks; sweet gherkins; sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash.

  5. Cloves SpiceWhole Color-dark brown Flavor-distinctive, spicy, sweet, penetratingGround Color-rich brown Flavor-sharp, spicy, pungentHam, boiled tongue, pork roast; pickled fruits; preserved fruits; stewed fruits; apple, mince and pumpkin pies; beets, baked beans, candied sweet potatoes, squash; hot spiced wines, hot tea; spice cake; sweet gherkins; rice pudding, chocolate pudding, tapioca; bean soup, beef soup, cream of pea soup, cream of tomato soup.

  6. Crushed Red Pepper SpiceColor-bright red to orange Flavor-hotPizzas; sausages; Italian specialties; wherever heat and spot color are desired.

  7. Garlic Powder Vegetable SeasoningColor-white Flavor-garlic (product is result of dehydrating and grinding garlic). Contains no salt. Granulated garlic is similar product but more coarsely ground. Wherever garlic is used.

  8. Garlic Salt Vegetable SeasoningColor-white Flavor-similar to garlic powder but much milder because of addiction of salt Wherever slight garlic flavor is desired.

  9. Mint HerbWhole Color-green Flavor-distinctive, sweet aromaFlaked Color-green Flavor-same as aboveJelly, ice cream, custard, fruit salad, fruit compote; frostings; split pea soup; lamb and veal roast sauces; cottage cheese salad; white potatoes, cabbage, carrots, celery, snap beans; tea; mint sauce.

  10. Nutmeg SpiceGround Color-copper Flavor-distinctive, exotic, sweetDoughnuts; eggnog, custards, puddings; whipped cream, ice cream; fried bananas, stewed fruits; spice cake, coffee cake, cookies, pumpkin pie; steamed and glazed carrots, cabbage, spinach, snap beans, squash, onions, sweet potatoes; meat loaf.

  11. Onion Powder Vegetable SeasoningColor-white Flavor-onion (product is result of dehydrating and grinding onion.) Contains no salt. Granulated onion is similar product but more coarsely ground. Wherever onion flavor is desired.

  12. Onion Salt Vegetable SeasoningColor-cream Flavor-similar to onion powder but much milder because of addition of salt Wherever slight onion flavor is desired.

  13. Oregano HerbWhole Color-green Flavor-distinctive, strongGround Color-olive green Flavor-same as abovePizza pie, spaghetti sauce, meat sauce; Swiss steak, beef stew, broiled and roast lamb, pork and veal, poultry; gravies; stuffed fish; cheese spreads; beef soup, bean soup, tomato soup; ;butter sauce for shell fish; cream and tomato sauces; vegetable juice cocktail; onions, peas, white potatoes, spinach, string beans.

  14. Paprika SpiceGround Color-red Flavor-distinctive, very mildPoultry, ham, goulash, fish, shellfish; salad dressings; vegetables; gravies; cheese, Welsh rabbit; canapes; deviled eggs; stuffed celery, cream soups, chicken soup, chowders.

  15. Parsley Flakes HerbColor-green Flavor-distinctive, mildSoups; salads; cole slaw; meat, stews, fish, poultry; sauces; all vegetables; omelets; potatoes.

  16. Black Pepper SpiceWhole Color-dark brown Flavor-distinctive, pleasant spicy bouquet with palate-tingling flavor and enduring after-taste.

  17. Ground Color-varies from cream to black Flavor-same as aboveAlmost all foods, except those with sweet flavors. If you are preparing a non-sweet dish that "needs something" try a little pepper first. It is used universally to add sparkle to foods, including: Pickles; soups; poultry, meats; fish; shellfish, game; sauces, gravies, marinades; salads; eggs; cheese spreads; vegetables; spiced vinegar.

  18. Rosemary HerbWhole Color-green (looks like a pine needle) Flavor-distinctive, delicate, sweetishRoast and broiled lamb, beef, pork, veal, game, poultry; salmon; deviled eggs; cheese sauces; saut‚d mushrooms; boiled potatoes, green peas, squash; creamed seafood; chicken soup, split pea soup.

  19. Sage HerbWhole Color-olive green Flavor-distinctive, positiveAll pork dishes; meat, fish and poultry stuffing; brown sauces; cheese spreads; consomme, cream soups, fish chowders; salad greens, French dressing; Brussels sprouts, onions, lima beans, peas, tomatoes.

  20. Saffron SpiceWhole and Ground Color-predominantly maroon Flavor-distinctive, exotic, concentrated (not strong, yet a little goes a long way)

  21. Rice; rolls, breads, buns; fish stew; bouillabaisse chicken; chicken soup; cakes.

  22. Tarragon HerbWhole and Ground Color-green Flavor-distinctive, fresh, pleasantMarinades for meat, butter sauce for steaks; poultry; salads; omelets; fish and shellfish; vegetable juice cocktail; chicken soup, consomme, fish chowder, tomato soup; vinegar; broccoli, asparagus, beans, cabbage, cauliflower.

  23. Thyme HerbWhole Color-gray-green Flavor-distinctive, pleasantly penetratingGround Color-light olive green Flavor-slightly stronger than aboveFresh tomatoes, tomato spice, salads; poultry stuffing, croquettes, fricassees; fish chowders, gumbo, vegetable soup; shirred eggs; all meats; seafood sauces; artichokes, beans, beets, carrots, mushrooms, onions, potatoes.

  24. Turmeric SpiceWhole and Ground Color-orange (used mostly for its color) Flavor-mild, slightly bitterPickles, relishes, prepared mustards, salad dressings; creamed eggs, fish, seafood; to color rice dishes where saffron is not used.

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