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  1. 2 cups Demerara or turbinado sugar

  2. 7 cups water

  3. 12 limes

  4. 16 ounces Batavia arrack

  5. 1 quart dark, funky rum Grated nutmeg , for garnish

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  1. To prepare, first stir 2 cups of Demerara or turbinado sugar in 1 cup water over a low flame until the sugar has dissolved (about 5 minutes). Let this cool. Then squeeze 12 limes and combine the juice in a large bowl with the sugar syrup and stir. Add 16 ounces Batavia arrack and 1 quart dark, funky rum and top off with 1.5 liters/48 ounces water. Stir again and refrigerate. Half an hour before serving, add a large block of ice (this can be made by freezing 2 quarts of water in a bowl overnight) and grate nutmeg over the top.


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