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  1. 6 Bacon slices, cooked,

  2. -crumbled 4 Eggs

  3. 1/2 pt Heavy cream

  4. 1 ts Salt

  5. 2 tb Flour

  6. 1 c Cheddar cheese -- shredded

  7. 1 1/2 c Swiss cheese -- shredded

  8. 1/3 c Mayonnaise

  9. 1 Pkg Knorr asparagus soup

  10. -mix* -- dry 1 bn Broccoli -- cooked, chopped

  11. 1/3 c Green onions, including tops

  12. -chopped 1 Deep dish pie crust, for 2 pie crusts, for -canapes *Note: Knorr leek soup mix makes a good substitute. The asparagus soup mix is difficult to find. If using the leek soup mix, reduce the amount of chopped green onions slightly. Mix filling together and pepper to taste. For quiche: Pour into pie shell and bake at

  13. 325F for approximately

  14. 60 minutes. Makes one large quiche. For canapes: Roll out pastry. Cut into rounds with cookie cutter. Place rounds in tiny muffin tins. (Choose cookie cutter size such that the pastry rises slightly above the top of the muffin tin.) Press pastry into tins slightly with a shot glass. Fill. Bake at

  15. 350F for 20 minutes. Makes about 90 canapes. Can be frozen.


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