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  1. 2 lb Firm tofu - cut into 1 in. squares 1 1/2c Dry red wine

  2. 1/4c Tamari

  3. 4 Garlic cloves; pressed -Water as needed

  4. 2 tb Olive oil

  5. 2 c Sliced onions

  6. 4 c Sliced mushrooms

  7. 4 Bay leaves

  8. 1 ts Thyme

  9. 1 ts Tarragon

  10. 4 tb Whole wheat pastry flour

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  1. + Directions : Place the pieces of tofu in a large, shallow dish. Mix together the wine, tamari, and garlic. Pour the mixture over the tofu, add water as need to cover it, and let it marinate for at least one hour. If the tofu is going to marinate for more than an hour, place in the refrigerator. Place the marinated tofu on a well-oiled cookie sheet, reserving the marinade. Bake at 375oF for 35-45 minutes or until crispy and brown. Turn the tofu over once during the baking so that it browns on both sides. While the tofu bakes, heat the oil in a large pan and slowly saute the onions. When the onions are almost tender, add the mushrooms and the herbs. Saute for a few minutes more. Add the flour and mix well. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in a little of the marinade. Continue stirring until a paste is formed. Return the pan to the heat and slowly add the remaining marinade, stirring constantly. Add the baked tofu and simmer until thickened. Serve over pasta, rice or millet.


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