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  1. 4 lamb rumps , or chumps a few sprigs fresh rosemary

  2. 2 cloves garlic

  3. 1 knob of butter

  4. 2 aubergines , cut into 1cm cubes 2 courgettes , cut into 1cm cubes olive oil salt and black pepper

  5. 2 onions , peeled and diced

  6. 4 whole cloves garlic

  7. 1 tsp ground allspice

  8. 1 pinches cayenne pepper

  9. 100 g currants

  10. 1 x 400 g can of plum tomatoes

  11. 4-5 fresh plum tomatoes , roughly chopped

  12. 1 bunches each of fresh coriander and mint , chopped plus extra to garnish

  13. 1 clove garlic , peeled a few sprigs fresh mint freshly ground white pepper

  14. 4 tbsp Greek yogurt Warm flatbreads

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  1. Rump of lamb with spiced aubergine and courgette Method 1. For the lamb: marinate the lamb with the garlic, rosemary, black pepper and olive oil. Leave for one hour or overnight, if possible.

  2. Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6.

  3. Place the lamb in a roasting tin, and cook in the oven for 10-12 minutes, until pink inside.

  4. Remove from the oven and leave to rest.

  5. For the aubergine and courgette: Fry with the aubergine and courgette in a little olive oil until golden brown. Add a little more olive oil if the aubergine begins to stick. Season lightly with salt and set aside.

  6. In a saucepan, sweat the onion in a little olive oil with the remaining whole garlic cloves.

  7. After about 10 minutes, add the spices and cook for 1 minute before adding the currants and canned tomatoes. Continue to cook for a further few minutes.

  8. Stir in the fresh tomatoes, aubergine and courgette chunks.

  9. Check the seasoning and add the freshly chopped herbs. Set aside.

  10. . For the mint yogurt: In a pestle and mortar add the garlic, mint, sea salt and white pepper and pound to a paste.

  11. . Stir this into the yogurt and chill in the fridge before using.

  12. . To serve cut the lamb into thick slices. Place the aubergine mixture on a plate, arrange the lamb next to it and spoon the yogurt dressing over. Garnish with mint leaves and serve with warm flatbread.


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