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  1. 3 nectarines , halved, stoned and finely sliced

  2. 100g caster sugar

  3. small handful basil leaf , shredded

  4. 1/2 bottle chilled Beaujolais or other light red wine

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  1. In four wine glasses, layer up the slices of nectarines, sprinkling them with sugar and basil as you go. Pour the wine over the nectarines and sit the glasses in the fridge for 20 mins to macerate.

  2. Remove the glasses from the fridge and give everything a little stir to dissolve the sugar. Serve with any remaining wine for topping up and enjoy eating with a spoon.

  3. Why not try...

  4. Topping shop-bought meringue nests with sweetened whipped cream and sliced nectarines, for another quick, no-cook dessert.


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