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  1. 10886 1/51 g apples

  2. 3785.44 ml sugar

  3. 44 1/37 ml cinnamon

  4. 14.79 ml ground cloves

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  1. Pare and quarter apples.

  2. cook until very tender with a little water in a cover pot. (I use a dutch oven).

  3. Puree cooked apples. Measure 30 cups into roaster pan.

  4. while still warm stir in rest of ingredients. mix well.

  5. bake at 325 Degrees F for 3.5 to 5 hours. baking time depends on type of apple used and how fast the sauce thickens.

  6. apple butter has a tendency to cook faster around the edges of the pan so STIR OFTEN.

  7. when apple butter is medium thickness, pour into hot sterilized glass jars. Seal immediately. ?


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