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  1. Babaganoush Recipe (My doctored Version)

  2. 1 Eggplant, cut into cubes of about 3/4-inch thick

  3. 1 tbsp. Tahini (this is sesame paste)

  4. 2 tbsps. Olive oil

  5. 2 chopped celery stalks

  6. 1/4 tsp. dried chili pepper, crushed

  7. 2 chopped up Onions

  8. 1/2 chopped Red sweet pepper (for coloring)

  9. 2 mashed or chopped garlic cloves

  10. 1/4 tsp. Ground pepper

  11. 1/2 tsp. ground cumin plus

  12. 1/2 tsp. Ground coriander

  13. Chives or scallion ends

  14. Black olives

  15. Juice of 1 or half a lemon/lime for taste

  16. Parsley sprigs

  17. Salt for seasoning

  18. Slices of lemon

  19. Cilantro or parsley, a big handful

  20. Note: The quantity of your ingredients can be adjusted to suit your taste then also with the eggplant's size. You can try it first without red pepper or celery then decide if you want to use them next time.

  21. On a skillet or wok, saute (red pepper and celery)and the onions until they start to turn brown. Next, add in garlic and eggplant then stir everything well. Then, add in all the spices aside from the salt and continue to cook, stirring on low flame.

  22. You can add a small amount of liquid if needed and just allow it to evaporate then just continue to cook slowly just until the mixture has tenderized well. Be sure that it does not get burned.

  23. You can use any type of broth or water to add in to the mixture. Then add in juice of the lemon, tahini & salt then pulse it in the food processor or use a potato masher to mash it up but don't make it too smooth, a lumpy mixture is best.

  24. Add in all the green ingredients and pulse it 1-2 times just to make sure that everything gets chopped up and incorporated into the mixture.

  25. You can serve this with the olives, sprigs of parsley and slices of lemon then together with the pita breads or the mini pitas.

  26. This dish is a great prequel to a meal that has curry in it.


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