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  1. Smoked Salmon Parcels

  2. 120 gr white crab meat

  3. 20 gr avocado, diced

  4. 25 gr cucumber, seeds removed and diced

  5. 20 gr plum tomato fillet, diced

  6. 75 ml salad dressing

  7. 250 gr smoked salmon, cut in

  8. 8 thin slices

  9. 40 gr Beluga caviar

  10. 40 gr assorted salad leaves

  11. salt and freshly milled pepper

  12. chive tops

  13. Serves 4 Mix the crab meat with the diced avocado, cucumber and tomato, and half the salad dressing. Season well with salt and pepper. Divide

  14. the crab meat mixture between the slices of smoked salmon and fold

  15. each one into a neat parcel. Arrange two parcels on each plate and top with the caviar. Toss the salad leaves in the remaining salad

  16. dressing and season to taste. Arrange on plates and garnish with

  17. chive tops.


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