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  1. Ingredients :Serves 4-5

  2. 2 pieces 850 ml 2 175 g 225 g 150 ml 4 Black wood ear fungus or 8 button mushrooms

  3. Fish stock

  4. Cucumber, peeled

  5. Bean thread vermicelli or spaghetti

  6. Fresh shrimps, cooked and peeled

  7. Nuoc Mam sauce

  8. Large, cooked, unpeeled shrimps, for garnishing

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  1. Soak the black wood ear fungus for 10minutes or until soft in nearly boiling water. When soft, slicethinly and place in stock. Add the button mushrooms to the stock ifusing those instead.

  2. Put into a dish and place on the table.

  3. Slice the cucumber into thin rounds or cutinto fine matchsticks. Place in a dish and put on the table.

  4. Soak the vermicelli in water that has beenboiled and allowed to cool slightly (above 5 minutes). Drain and placein four bowls.

  5. Place the shrimps in a bowl and put on thetable. Meanwhile, boil and simmer the stock.

  6. The guests garnish their bowls with theingredients in the dishes placed on the table, then pour the hot stockover the whole.

  7. The Nuoc Mam sauce is added to taste andthe soup bowls are garnished with the unpeeled shrimps.


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