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  1. I loaf rye bread made into crumbs in foor processor 1 stick butter

  2. corned beef to cover crumbs I like to have it chopped

  3. 2 large cans sauer kraut draine

  4. 3/4cup thousand island dressing

  5. 1/2 cups sour cream caraway seeds to taste swiss cheese to cover whole casserole

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  1. Prepare bread crumbs and add butter. Take 3/4 of mixture and pat into the bottom of 9X13 pan. Put layer of corned beef to cover bottom, Easier if you sliver the meat. Mix kraut,dressing,sour cream,and caraway seeds and put on top of crumbs and meat. Cover with swiss cheese. Crumble rest of crumbs over casserole . Bake at 350 degrees till cheese is melted and crumbs browned. Yield: serves 6 Notes: Easy for the kids and seniors to handle but all the flavor of a rueben sandwich


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