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  1. Preparation : Get some pork- or veal-Schnitzels. Wash the meat; dry with a paper towel and rub with pepper, salt and just a little brown sugar. Cook in (real) butter in an open pan on both sides until the meat is done and takes on a nice brown. Set aside and keep hot. In the meat juice left in the pan, cook _fresh_ mushrooms (about a pound for 2 Schnitzels; any kind of mushrooms will work, but the white mushrooms you get in any super market or, if you collect your own, a mix of wild forest mushrooms, seem to be best) until the liquid is mostly gone, adding pepper, salt and More(Y/n/=)? sugar (be careful with the sugar; too much of it will spoil the mushrooms) to taste. Stir in fresh cream (unwhipped) until you get a thick sauce. Pour on top of the Schnitzels, serve with French fries or croquettes. Variations: You might try to add a little cooking sherry, onions and/or garlic to the mushroom gravy (the onions and the garlic are cooked together with the mushrooms; the sherry is added with the cream).


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