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  1. 2 (15-16oz) cans salmon

  2. 2 (5 oz) cans oil-packed tuna , well drained

  3. 2 eggs

  4. 1 medium onion , minced

  5. 1 medium sweet green bell pepper , minced

  6. 1 cup flour

  7. 1 tsp salt

  8. 1/2 tsp Mrs Dash Original seasoning

  9. 2 tsps baking powder

  10. cornmeal

  11. 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil

  12. creamed peas

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  1. Drain salmon and set aside 6 tbsps of the broth; debone and flake the meat.

  2. In a medium mixing bowl, mix salmon, tuna, eggs, onion and bell pepper until sticky. Stir in flour. Add salt, Mrs Dash, and baking powder to salmon broth; stir into fish/veggie mixture.

  3. Form into small patties, and dredge in cornmeal if desired. Refrigerate on a platter in a single layer for an hour or two to facilitate easier handling.

  4. When ready, fry patties four at a time in hot cooking oil until golden, about 5 minutes per side.

  5. Serve topped with tartar sauce or creamed peas.

  6. These can also be served on burger buns with tartar sauce.


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