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  1. Sandwiches or appetizers... your choice!

  2. Soup Favourite

  3. The perfect Harvest soup for those chilly days.

  4. International Flavour

  5. These are quick and easy and have a Mexican inspired flavour in them.

  6. Salad Favourites

  7. This classic salad will make you fall in love with spinach all over again.

  8. Savoury Side Dishes

  9. As the evenings cool, this chunky soup is the perfect antidote.

  10. This sublime trio really elevates the classic grilled cheese to another stratosphere. Try one of th

  11. Simply put, this is one of the most satisfying sandwiches you?ll ever eat. For extra ease, buy alre

  12. Be sure to have extra guacamole on hand to pass around with this vegetarian dream of a sandwich. Jal

  13. Buying bottled red peppers makes short work of this eminently do-able weeknight sandwich. If you lik

  14. Grilled Cheese with a Twist

  15. Grilled cheese a la Italiana! This grilled cheese tastes so much like pizza, you might just find you

  16. Lunch Favourite

  17. This lunch favourite is the best of two worlds - breakfast and dinner.

  18. Quesadillas

  19. Try this delicious Quesadilla recipe and pair it with Gay Lea Sour Cream for dip!

  20. A simple recipe with five-star quality taste. This creamy and flavourful soup tantalizes the taste b

  21. Use this salad topper instead of salad dressing and feta cheese to boost protein and trim total fat

  22. Mix this refreshing dressing with your favourite greens and top with berries for the perfect summer

  23. Summer Sensation

  24. A classic salad takes a summer vacation.

  25. Add some protein to your salad by topping it with this delicious cottage cheese topper.

  26. Cottage Cheese Topper

  27. Try this delicious recipe and pair it with fresh fruit!

  28. Cottage Cheese Salad Topper

  29. Try this Italian flavoured cottage cheese topper. It's great paired with salad and crusty Italian br

  30. This easy and satifying soup is full of healthy ingredients - including vitamin D. Plus, salmon is r

  31. A delicious, satisfying soup that is very nutritious and a cinch to make. If using fresh pumpkin, co

  32. Old is new again with this twist to French Onion Soup! The addition of mushrooms and Blue cheese add

  33. This delicious soup is a great way to serve up legumes to children who are picky eaters. Soup can al

  34. A tasty and easy to make soup. Enjoy with wholegrain bread and a side salad.

  35. Succulent Soup

  36. A great way to get the family to enjoy their vegetables, remember to use their favourite vegetable c

  37. Wraps

  38. Meaty, but with plenty of cheese and fresh vegetables, each one wraps up four different food groups

  39. Hearty Lunch

  40. If the kids like pizza, they're going to love a Pita Calzone. Try this recipe using pita breads and Scrumptious Soup

  41. This hot soup is packed with flavour and perfect for cool winter days.

  42. Simple Salad

  43. Used as a delicious side or serve as a lunch.

  44. Salmon Muffaletta

  45. This scrumptious sandwich can be made for lunch or served as appetizers.

  46. Light Lunch

  47. Great for a light lunch.


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