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  1. 15 Jan

  2. 46 CST

  3. 33754%UICVM

  4. 8 gms per pie

  5. 2 whole wheat tortillas,

  6. 8 1/2 inch diameter

  7. 4gms

  8. fat per tortilla, larger/smaller tortillas are okay, and fat free

  9. might work. GofE ingredients are organically grown whole wheat

  10. flour, water, aluminum-free baking powder, soybean oil, and sea 4 gms fat and 130 calories each pie filling (example follows)

  11. 4 granny smith apples

  12. to get 12 slices per apple; and halve each of these slices

  13. crosswise to make the apple bits match the berry sizes better)

  14. 12 oz. bag berries (ie. fresh cranberries, defrosted frozen raspberries)

  15. 1/2 c.

  16. 1 to 2 Tbs. sugar or Sucanat

  17. 2 Tbs. cornstarch (or 4 Tbs. flour)

  18. water as needed

  19. Cover the bottom of a pot with water. Add cranberries, if you are using

  20. cranberries, and boil until they pop, about 10 minutes or less. Strain,

  21. retaining the liquid. Cover bottom of pot with water again, or use some

  22. of the cranberry liquid, or the liquid drained from the defrosted fruit.

  23. Add apples to the pot, and simmer for about 5 minutes, until the apples

  24. begin to start cooking. Add sugar, stir. Mix the cornstarch in about 2 Tbs. of cool or lukewarm liquid (you can use plain water), until the

  25. cornstarch is dissolved. Add the cornstarch to the boiling pot, and stir continuously. If it starts to thicken too fast, remove from heat

  26. and continue stirring until well mixed. Add berries, stir. Add any

  27. optional ingredients (ie. lemon zest, kirschwasser liquor, currants).

  28. Assemble the "crust" by softening a tortilla over heat briefly (if it

  29. 8 inch pie pan

  30. can use a 9 inch pie pan if the tortillas you find are bigger, or patch

  31. a bunch of small tortillas together in a rectangular pan). Pour in the

  32. heated fruit mixture. Soften the second tortilla, and press on top of

  33. the pie, pushing the near-edges down into the pie to seal the edges (as

  34. the juices rise to help form a seal) and form a sort of fluted "crust-

  35. edge". Score slice marks in the top crust, or cut a few air vents.

  36. 1 concentration of sugar water,

  37. and sprinkle surface with sugar or sugar/cinnamon mix. Bake the pie for 15 minutes, at

  38. 400F, or remove as soon as the crust has become

  39. crisp (<15 min). Let cool at room temperature at least 1 hour before

  40. serving, to get the juices to set, otherwise serve hot. Serves 6.

  41. Alternates: You may use two or more layers of tortilla, if you like, on

  42. the bottom crust. No oil is necessary. :-)


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