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  1. Shredded greens

  2. Meat

  3. Shredded cheese

  4. Salsa

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  1. What kind of greens? Cabbage is great but you can also use lettuce. And the meat? Cooked meat. I’ve already described how I did my meat filling. I also recommend carnitas . What kind of cheese? Whatever you like.What salsa? Ah, now we get a little traditional here. Tomato salsa. Chop a tomato, an onion and some chilies, place in a bowl, squeeze a quarter of a lemon (or lime) over them, sprinkle with salt, add some finely chopped cilantro and toss.

  2. Everything else is just a matter of assembly.

  3. If using frozen tortilla, thaw thoroughly. Then heat the tortilla in an oil-free pan. To make sure the tortilla does not dry out, sprinkle with a little water. When the tortilla starts to bubble in places, flip over, continue heating for a few seconds and it is ready.

  4. Unless you’re as skilled as the tortilla vendors in Mexico who can put in all the filling while holding the tortilla in one hand, I suggest you place the tortilla on a plate. Now, here’s a nice rule to live by. Do not overdo the filling. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fold the tortilla and eating the taco with your hand will be a very messy affair.

  5. Scatter the shredded greens on the tortilla, add meat, then same salsa. If you like guacamole and you have some, use it (I forgot to buy avocado — I’ll post a guacamole recipe another time). Top with cheese. Fold and start eating your taco.


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