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  1. 1 head Iceberg lettuce

  2. 1 sm. red onion

  3. 1 can artichoke hearts (not marinated)

  4. 1 sm. jar pimento, chopped

  5. Parmesan cheese

  6. 3 oz. vegetable oil

  7. 2 oz. red wine vinegar

  8. Garlic salt

  9. Too much liquid, cut down on the juice.

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  1. Break lettuce into bite size pieces. Combine oil and vinegar in measuring cup. Pour dressing on greens. Add 1/4 of the juice from the artichoke hearts. Add onions, pimento with juice, artichoke hearts (cut in half), garlic salt to taste, and 3 ounces of Parmesan cheese (more if you like).

  2. Note: 1/2 can artichoke hearts is enough.


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