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  1. Island Teriyaki

  2. shallots chopped fine

  3. garlic crushed and chopped fine

  4. fresh grated ginger

  5. green onions chopped fine

  6. lime juice

  7. lime zest finely chopped

  8. worcestershire sauce

  9. soy sauce

  10. rice vinegar

  11. balsamic vinegar

  12. brown sugar

  13. molasses or maple syrup

  14. bourbon

  15. black pepper

  16. How much of each? Depends on your taste. The liquids are usually equal amounts. One part of each, though I'll use less soy and less

  17. worcestershire than the rest. And the vinegar I'll use 1/2 part rice

  18. and 1/2 part balsamic. I also use a little less lime juice unless

  19. I want a caribbean flare.

  20. The garlic, ginger, shallots and green onions are to taste. I like a lot of each at least 2 T or more.

  21. You need the sugar and molasses to bring out the flavors, its an

  22. integral part of teriyaki. I'll add until it tastes right. The

  23. vinegar and sugar need to balance out with the sauce a little on

  24. the sweet side.

  25. This is a strong highly flavored marinade. Sometimes I'll do

  26. chicken overnight and tough cuts of beef also over night. Again

  27. it depends on how highly flavored you want the meat.


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