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  1. 4 cups sugar

  2. 2 cups white vinegar

  3. 4 (3 inch) cinnamon sticks

  4. 15 whole cloves

  5. 4 pounds fresh peaches - peeled, pitted and sliced

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  1. Pour sugar and vinegar into a large saucepan, and stir to dissolve sugar. Add cinnamon sticks and cloves, and bring to a boil. Cover and boil for about 5 minutes. Strain out the cloves and cinnamon sticks, or you can leave them in for a stronger flavor. Pack peaches into hot sterile 1 pint jars to within 1 inch of the rim. Fill each jar with syrup to within 1/2 inch from the top. Wipe rims with a clean dry cloth, and seal with new lids and screwbands. Process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes.


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