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  1. for Cauliflower Snow Recipe

  2. 2 tablespoons melted vegetable shortening

  3. 2 cauliflowers

  4. 4 poached eggs

  5. Salt and paprika to taste

  6. Toasted bread

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  1. Boil cauliflowers in salted water till tender, then drain and set near fire till quite dry.

  2. Remove all green parts and press flower through a potato ricer upon a hot dish, on which they are to be served.

  3. In no way crush the mass as it falls from the ricer.

  4. Sprinkle over with melted vegetable shortening.

  5. Surround dish with poached eggs, each laid upon square of toasted butered bread.

  6. Dust each egg with salt and a little paprika.

  7. Serve very hot.


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