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  1. 1 bunch spinach (about 6 cups loosely-packed), blanched, squeezed dry 1 teaspoon Korean chili sauce 1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon soy sauce 5 dried nori sheets 3 3/4 cups Sushi Rice (see recipe) Accompaniments: soy sauce , wasabi paste, pickled ginger

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  1. Toss first 5 ingredients in small bowl to combine thoroughly. Place nori shiny-side down on bamboo sushi mat. Using rice paddle, spread 3/4 cup Sushi Rice over nori forming 1/4-inch-thick layer and leaving 1/2-inch border on long sides. Arrange 1/5 spinach mixture horizontally down center of rice. Starting with long edge nearest you and using bamboo mat as aid, roll rice-coated nori around fillings jelly-roll style. Using gently pressing motion, compress roll forming round or square roll. Remove mat. Using very sharp knife, cut roll crosswise in half. Cut each half into 4 pieces, forming 8 pieces total. Repeat with remaining nori, rice and spinach mixture. Serve sushi with accompaniments. Recipe created exclusively for by Robert Danhi and Estrellita-Leong Danhi. Serving size = 1 piece


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