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  1. 8 oz Softened Cream Cheese

  2. 4 oz Shredded Havarti Cheese

  3. 4 oz Shredded Gruyere Cheese

  4. 3 Large Roasted Red Peppers , drained, patted dry and seeds removed

  5. 1 Small Clove Garlic , minced

  6. 2 oz Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

  7. 1 Black Olive

  8. Crackers

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  1. In food processor, combine 7 oz cream cheese, Havarti cheese, Gruyere cheese, roasted red peppers, and garlic. Pulse until creamy and smooth. Reserve 1 heaping teaspoon for cat's nose; wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. Place remaining cheese mixture on a large piece of plastic wrap. Use the plastic wrap to mold the cheese mixture into a flattened ball. Reserve two whole blue corn tortilla chips for the cat's ears. Place remaining chips in a food processor and pulse to fine crumbs. Pour onto a large piece of plastic wrap. Set cheese-ball on crumbs. Sprinkle crumbs all over the cheese ball. Set cheese-ball on a serving platter. Put remaining cream cheese into pastry bag. Pipe three whiskers onto cat's face. Remove one teaspoon of cheese mixture from refrigerator and mold into a triangular nose; place in the middle of the cat's face, on top of the ends of the whiskers. Scoop out two areas where eyes will be. Pipe cream cheese into the round eyes. Cut olive in half and lay on top of the eyes for pupils. Press reserved chips into top of head for ears. Refrigerate until needed. Serve with crackers.


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