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  1. 1 (6-8-pound) dressed or pan-dressed salmon

  2. Cheesecloth, Vinegar Court Bouillon, Court Bouillon Glaze, Garnishes, Caper Mayonnaise

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  1. Directions Measure the thickness of the fish,and rinse and dry.Overlap the vent pieces, and pin with small metal skewers.

  2. Wrap the fish in 2 thicknesses of cheesecloth; then place on a rack in a fish kettle.

  3. If fish is small you may be able to use a long covered roast pan.

  4. Pour enough cool, strained Vinegar Court Bouillon over the fish to half cover.

  5. Bring slowly to a boil; then turn heat low, and cover the pan Simmer the fish, allowing about 10 minutes per inch for fresh fish and about 20 minutes per inch for frozen fish.

  6. Test fish for doneness with a metal skewer pressed in near the backbone.

  7. The meat will flake or separate from the bone when fish is sufficiently cooked.

  8. Cool fish in the liquid, uncovered; then drain, and reserve 5 cups of the liquid.

  9. Remove the cheese-cloth, and chill the fish on a rack over a tray.

  10. To glaze, carefully remove the skin and skewers.

  11. Scrape away any fat deposits on edges of the vent.

  12. Spoon cold, but syrupy, Court Bouillon Glaze over the fish.

  13. Lift rack, and pour the glaze drippings back into the remaining dish of glaze.

  14. Return rack to the tray, and refrigerate the fish until first glaze has set.

  15. Repeat with a second coat of glaze.

  16. To garnish, use cutouts of sliced car-rots or cheese, radishes, pickles, leaves of watercress, sliced stuffed olives, capers, dainty slivers of lemon or black olives.

  17. Dip each item of your creation in leftover liquid glaze, and set in place.

  18. Chill; then spoon more glaze over the entire fish.

  19. Chill.

  20. Arrange on a long platter, and garnish with bunches of watercress and lemon baskets full of Caper Mayonnaise.

  21. Note:If the gelatine mixture thickens between glazes,heat and stir over a bowl of hot water until liquid again.

  22. Chill until syrupy, and continue glazing.


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