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  1. 2 Ribeye cut steaks

  2. 1 cup Whiskey/Bourbon

  3. 1 cup Brown Sugar

  4. 1 cup worcester sauce

  5. 1 Pinch Mustard powder

  6. 1 pinch Garlic powder

  7. Crushed black pepper

  8. Liquid Smoke

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  1. 1) Mix Whiskey, worcester, mustard powder, garlic powder, small amount of black pepper, and a few drops of liquid smoke in a bowl.

  2. 2) Slowly add brown sugar into the mix, making sure to dissolve as much as possible.

  3. 3) Marinate the steaks in the marinade (ziploc bags work great) for about 4 hours in a refrigerator.

  4. 4) Take steaks out of marinade, and let set at room temperature for about 15 minutes.

  5. 5) Using either a grill or metal skillet (with a little olive oil), heat to a very very high temperature.

  6. 6) Put steaks onto grill/skillet and let sit for about 5 minutes each side (cooks about med rare this way).

  7. The brown sugar caramelizes when the steaks are put on high temp. The outside may look slightly burnt but its probably not. If you want the steak cooked longer then turn down the heat, or put on a higher rack of the grill. Serve with worcester sauce on the side.

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