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  1. 1 (4 to 6-pound) leg of lamb, boned and butterflied

  2. 3/4 cup dry red wine

  3. 1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce

  4. 1 (6-ounce) package dried apricots, chopped

  5. 1/2 cup water

  6. 1 (6-ounce) package long grain and wild rice mix

  7. 1 cup finely chopped onion

  8. 1/4 cup snipped fresh basil or 1 tablespoon dried basil, crushed

  9. 1 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning

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  1. Remove fell (paper-thin, pinkish-red layer), if present, from outer surface of lamb. Place lamb in a 3-quart rectangular baking dish. Stir together red wine and Worcestershire sauce; pour over lamb. Cover and marinate in refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight, turning meat once. Remove meat from dish, reserving marinade. Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C). Combine chopped apricot and water in a small saucepan. Bring to boiling. Remove from heat; cover and let stand 5 minutes. Prepare rice mix according to the package directions, adding chopped onion. Stir together cooked rice mixture, undrained apricot, basil, and lemon-pepper seasoning in a large bowl. Mix well. Trim fat. Place meat, boned side up, between two pieces of plastic wrap pound meat with a meat mallet to an even thickness. Spread half of the rice mixture over roast. Roll up; tie securely with string. Place roast, seam side down, on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Insert a meat thermometer into thickest portion of meat. Roast in the preheated oven for 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 hours or until thermometer registers 150°F (65°C). Baste lamb with reserved marinade several times during cooking. (Do not brush during the last 5 minutes.) Let stand 15 minutes before carving. Meanwhile, place remaining rice mixture in a 1-quart casserole; cover. Bake alongside lamb during the last 25 to 30 minutes or meat¿s roasting and standing time. Remove the string.


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