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  1. 1 (5- to 7-inch) piece fresh bamboo shoot or prepared bamboo, thinly sliced

  2. 1/2 cup nuka (Japanese rice bran)

  3. 1/2 hot red pepper, preferably taka-no tsume

  4. 10 cherry leaves

  5. 2 sakura no shiozuke (prepared pickled cherry blossoms)

  6. 1 (1/2-pound) Spanish mackerel filet, thinly sliced

  7. 6 (2-by-4-inch) pieces yuba (tofu skin)

  8. 1 bunch mizuna

  9. 2 pieces usu-age (fried tofu), each cut into 6 equal rectangles, then halved to form

  10. 12 triangles

  11. Sakuru Ponzu Dipping Sauce

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  1. « » If using fresh bamboo, fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil. Add bamboo shoot, nuka, and pepper; let boil for six hours, adding more water as necessary.

  2. Fill a large bowl with water and add bamboo shoot to water. Place bowl under a faucet and let faucet run on low for 12 hours. Drain bamboo and thinly slice.

  3. Fill a small saucepan with 2 cups of water; add cherry leaves and bring to a gentle boil. Add sakura no shiozuke.

  4. Arrange mackerel, yuba, mizuna, bamboo shoot and usu-age on a serving platter. To eat, using chopsticks, gently swoosh mackerel, yubu, mazuna, bamboo shoot, or usu-age through the broth and dip into the sauce.


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