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  1. you'll need:

  2. 7-8 small slender Carrots (I used farmer's market rainbow carrots)

  3. 2 long green chillies, slit lengthwise, seeded optionally

  4. 1 tsp yellow mustard, freshly crushed

  5. 1 tbsp olive oil

  6. 1 tsp lemon juice

  7. pinch of turmeric

  8. sea salt

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  1. it’s done:

  2. Wash carrots, pat dry, peel, trim the ends and julienne to 1/4″ thick and 2-3″ long pieces.

  3. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and toss well to coat uniformly.

  4. Adjust seasoning for taste and serve immediately with either roti or rice.

  5. Note  Stores well in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days, in an air tight container Linking Gajar ka Achar to Hearth and Soul Hop #49 hosted by Kankana (Hearth and Soul Hop Team) of Sunshine & Smile You might also like:

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