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  1. 2 teaspoons olive oil

  2. 1 diced yellow onion

  3. 2 diced garlic cloves

  4. 1 cup sliced small red potatoes

  5. cup vegetable broth

  6. teaspoon ground pepper

  7. 5 large egg whites

  8. 1 large egg

  9. cup diced roasted red bell peppers packed in oil or water

  10. 2 tablespoons chopped basil

  11. 375 degrees F. Heat olive oil in oven proof frying pan and cook onion until softened. Add potatoes, broth and pepper to onions and cook until potatoes are tender. Whisk together egg whites and whole egg then add to potato mixture and stir. Press down potato egg mixture to make compact and place in oven. Cook omelet for 10 minutes or until eggs are set. Remove from oven and place on individual serving dishes. Mix roasted bell peppers and basil together and place some on each slice. Serve warm.


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