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  1. 0.4 lb field mushrooms

  2. 4 eggs

  3. 2 garlic cloves salt, olive oil , black pepper

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  1. Recipe for Omelet with Mushrooms Cut mushrooms into thin slices. Pour 2 tablespoonfuls oil into a frying-pan, fry finely chopped garlic . Then put the mushrooms in, salt, pepper and fry them on medium heat for about 10 minutes keeping the pan open to let excessive moisture evaporate. Put the fried mushrooms onto a plate. Whip up eggs a little with a fork. Pour 2 tablespoonfuls oil into a frying-pan and heat it. Pour the eggs in. As soon as their underside had fried a little, move them around with a fork to bring the liquid part down. After a minute passes put fried mushrooms on one side of the omelet. Using a wide spatula, fold the omelet in two so that the mushrooms are inside. Fry for one minute, then turn it over and fry for another minute. Serve the omelet hot.


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