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  2. 4 cups 80 proof vodka

  3. 4 oranges, juice and zest

  4. 3 cups white sugar

  5. 1 Tbsp coriander seed

  6. 3 oz imitation brandy flavor brown food dye

  7. Cut or scrape the orange colored part off the orange peel. This

  8. is the zest and is quite rich in aromatic essences. Be careful

  9. not to get any of the white pith of the peel since it is very

  10. bitter. Squeeze the oranges and strain the juice well. In a mixing

  11. jar place the orange juice, zest, vodka and the coriander seed.

  12. Cover and leave to infuse for two weeks. Drain through a coarse

  13. sieve and return to the mixing jar. Discard the residue. Add the

  14. brandy flavor and the sugar. Shake vigorously until the sugar

  15. is dissolved. Leave to clear. This liqueur is very slow to clear,

  16. so be patient. When clear, two weeks or more, decant and add brown

  17. food dye previously mixed with a small amount of the liqueur.

  18. This liqueur should be a pale brown color so go very easy with

  19. the brown food coloring, lest you end up with a dark brown liqueur.


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