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  1. Ingredients for Fried Artichokes with Cauliflower

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  1. Recipe of Fried Artichokes with Cauliflower Wash artichokes and remove tough outer leaves. Trim buds by cutting off about a half of upper leaves. Slice trimmed artichokes thinly. In a bowl, mix water and lemon juice and dip artichoke slices in this mixture to avoid oxidation. Now wash cauliflower and break into buds carefully. Cut each bud along into medium pieces. Then beat eggs with salt and nutmeg . Remove artichokes and use colander to drain water. Roll artichoke and cauliflower pieces in flour . Shake off excessive flour to avoid burning. Then dip each piece into beaten eggs mixture. Fry both sides in a large amount of olive oil until golden. Transfer to a plate quickly and fry next bunch. Arrange on a serving plate and garnish with sweet pepper.


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