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  1. 1 qt Vanilla ice cream; slightly

  2. Softened 3 ts Jalapenos; diced

  3. 1/2ts Grated lime peel

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  1. + In large bowl, combine ice cream, jalapenos and lime peel.

  2. Return to ice cream container and refreeze until firm.

  3. NOTE: "It may never be a flavor of the month, but Ortega Jalapeno Ice Cream is a frozen flame of flavors that teases the palate and keeps you coming back for more.

  4. You can make this "hot" frozen dessert by blending vanilla ice cream and finely chopped jalapenos.

  5. The end product is a unique creation that will surprise you with a creamy coolness that occasionally flares up with the fiery flavor of chilies.

  6. " "People expect the jalapenos to take over the flavor of the ice cream," said Faye Egan, manager of the Nabisco Consumer Foods Center.

  7. "While there are indeed moments when your mouth comes alive with the pungent taste of peppers, most of the time the vanilla flavor of the ice cream comes through.

  8. " "This is a fun dessert," Egan adds.

  9. "This idea of a hot and cold taste sensation in the same bowl of ice cream is intruguing, and the two flavors happen to taste great together. "


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