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  1. 1 Box instant lemon pudding Cold milk

  2. 20 Gingersnap cookies - (to 24)

  3. 3 tablespoons 45ml Melted butter

  4. 1/2 Strawberries - sliced

  5. 2 Crystallized ginger - finely chopped Store bought real whipped cream in Canister

  6. 1 Lemon - zested

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  1. Recipe Instructions Mix pudding to package directions and let stand 5 minutes. Grind gingersnaps in food processor into crumbs. Remove bowl from processor and take out blade. Add butter to the food processor and stir to moisten the crumbs. Pour crumbs into 4 small glass bowls and press the crumbs up the sides of the bowls, lining each dish with a ginger snap "crust". Add a few slices of strawberries to each bowl. Fill each dish with lemon pudding and top with a few more sliced berries and chopped crystallized ginger. Add a whip cream rosette to each dessert and garnish with lemon zest. This recipe yields 4 servings.


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