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  1. 0.4 lb Ricotta or cottage cheese

  2. 1/3 lb Philadelphia

  3. 1/3 lb 35% sour cream

  4. 1/5 pt milk

  5. 1 bag of vanilla

  6. 0.06 lb sheet gelatin

  7. 1/5 lb sugar

  8. 1/5 lb berries

  9. 1/5 pt water

  10. 3 sea biscuits from popped rice

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  1. The Recipe for Cheesecake with Berries Take half of the gelatin, put it in cold water for 10 minutes and squeeze dry. Add vanilla into milk, heat until boils, then turn off the heat and add gelatin. Mix until it dissolves completely and leave it to cool down. Mix Ricotta, sour cream, Philadelphia and sugar and whip it up. Add milk with gelatin and mix everything. Take a cake hoop, spread foil over the bottom, crumble in rice sea biscuits.


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