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  1. 6 oz Pineapple - ripe, pared, cut 4 slices 4 oz Ruby port wine

  2. 1 c Ice - crushed

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  1. Calories per serving: 129 Number of Servings: 2 Fat grams per serving: .

  2. Approx.

  3. Cook Time: Cholesterol per serving: 0.

  4. Marks: *DIRECTIONS* Put the pineapple in a bowl and cover with the port.

  5. cover tightly and refrigerate for 2 hours.

  6. TO SERVE: Divide the pineapple slices between dessert bowls and top each serving with crushed ice.

  7. Pour the port marinade over the ice and serve.

  8. NOTES: If the pineapple is not sweet enough you may want to add some artificial sweetener.

  9. The port shoud be "ruby" and will have its own sweetness.

  10. VARIATIONS: A Madeira could be used in place of the port.

  11. Other fruits could be used but the fresh pineapple has an unusually refreshing quality about it.


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