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  1. 1 (6 oz.) graham cracker pie crust "Ready Crust"

  2. 2 sm. bananas, sliced

  3. 1 qt. vanilla ice cream, softened

  4. Hot fudge sauce, unheated

  5. Pineapple preserves

  6. Chopped nuts

  7. Whipped topping

  8. Maraschino cherries

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  1. In pan press graham cracker mix (according to box directions). Place sliced bananas in bottom of pan over crust. Fill with softened ice cream. Freeze 2 hours. Remove after 2 hours and top with unheated fudge sauce, then thin layer of pineapple preserves. Dollop whipped topping on top of pie, covering entirely. Top with nuts and cherries.

  2. Cut up into individual pie slices and serve immediately, or if melting too quickly, set back in freezer for 15-20 minutes, then serve.


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